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See your new look with
virtual reality and 3D technology

Would you like to see what you’d look like before you commit to surgery? Discover your new look with Crisalix virtual technology. 

Getting your new look is easy. You can either upload your photos to the Crisalix application, or book an appointment with Miss Hassanally who will be able to do it in your initial appointment. 

Upload your photos to get a preview of your new look

Simply follow the simple steps to upload 3 photos of your breasts and the Crisalix software will work its magic to produce stunningly realistic 3D representation of your new look.

You’ll have an opportunity to discuss your images with Miss Hassanally, who will give you advice and guidance on finding the perfect look for you.


Discuss your options and see the results of each choice instantly

You’ll be able to test out a range of implant sizes and shapes to find the look you are most happy with. Miss Hassanally will offer expert advice based on your goals and body type.

Take your new look images away with you for trusted opinions

You can take your images away with your to consider your options. You can also share your images with a close friend or partner. 

Ready to see your new look in virtual reality 3D?